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Fighter Movie Director Siddharth Anand Aerial Action Spectacle With A Patriotic Twist

Fighter Movie Director Siddharth Anand Aerial Action Spectacle With A Patriotic Twist: Fighter now because director Siddharth Anand is making it, that is why if you are thinking that this

Fighter Movie Director Siddharth Anand Aerial Action Spectacle With A Patriotic Twist
  • PublishedJanuary 22, 2024

Fighter Movie Director Siddharth Anand Aerial Action Spectacle With A Patriotic Twist: Fighter now because director Siddharth Anand is making it, that is why if you are thinking that this is also going to be a mass masala movie like Var Pathan or Bang Bang then stop brother, it is not at all like this, this is a different type of movie. Then what are we going to see in it and what should we expect from it, we will discuss about it in today’s video so that we don’t get heartbroken after going to the theater due to the hype of the trailer, okay then let’s go brother, then why are you so late? Let’s start the blog But Before Let’s see Fighter Movie Trailer.

Fighter Movie Trailer

So brother, there is a mass masala movie, like KGA, Pushpa, RRR or Singham Suryavanshi and Animal Type, Siddharth Anand has also made movies. You must have seen first Bang Bang, then War and now Pathan, everyone likes such movies because we Everyone has been watching such movies since childhood, there is no dearth of mass audience here, but this movie is of a different type, this fighter is not a mass masala movie, this fighter is an aerial action film, aerial action film means aerial action.

The name of the film itself tells you that the stunts and action sequences in such films are done through the use of airplanes, paragliders, helicopters, parachutes or any other thing that jumps in the air. These films are often high energy and visually spectacular because they Aerial stunts and breath taking landscapes are used. Simply put, the story of such a movie does not touch the ground but keeps flying in the sky.

Fighter Movie Main Character

Yes, that means there are some movies in which aerial action is shown only in a few portions. But there are some movies which are total aerial action films but in them aerial action is shown not only in a few portions but from the beginning till the end, like, Gaya Hamara Tum Crew Chicha Ki Top Gun Yes To Bhai Hamara.

This fighter movie is also just like that Top Gun, that is why if you are thinking that it is going to be like Siddharth Anand’s War Pathan or Bang Bang, then forget it brother, in this the hero will not chase like War, but just like Pathan.

Whether it is a chase scene, an action scene or an emotional scene, whatever happens, the hero is going to go straight and catch his fighter jet, after that whatever happens will be in the sky only.

Do you understand, then will the normal audience not like this movie? Only the cutter film people will like this movie, so brother, no, it is not like that, there is one more thing in it, keeping this in mind, if you go to watch this movie then it will be normal. The audience may also find its story interesting and that is a true event.

Yes, it means that it is telling about 2611 and Pulwama attack, so actually its story is going to be of the same time and is going to be inspired by the same event. Meaning, we are not talking about 2611, but about Pulwama attack, about which we all know that on 14th February 2019, when our CRPF soldiers were going from Jammu to Shri Ghar, a terrorist carrying lots of explosives in his car in Pulwama attacked the soldiers.

He hit a bus and blew himself up due to which 40 CRPF soldiers of our country were martyred. Then 12 days later i.e. on 26 February 2019, our Indian Air Force carried out an air strike on Balakot and the Pakistan Army also carried out an air strike on Balakot.

On the day i.e. 27 February, they came to attack the Indian Army but could not attack because our Indian Army was already alert, so when they came to attack with fighter jets, our Indian Army chased them away and Air Force Army Wing Commander Abhinandan brother chased them away. Bhagate reached Pakistan and entered Pakistan and shot down an F16 but after his fighter jet crashed, he was caught and returned to India after four days.

We all know this and accordingly, if we look at the trailer of this fighter, we can see the same story in it, it is being told about the Pulwama attack, it is being told about the martyrdom of 40 soldiers and even more villains.

It is also seen saying that if we did a suicide attack then those people were going to air strike i.e. in this trailer we are getting to see everything that happened in the Pulwama attack and anyway this fighter is an aerial action film so in this We are going to see only the heroes of the Indian Air Force and if you see in the Pulwama attack, it is the Indian Air Force that takes revenge for that attack and it is the Air Force that does all the work from air strikes to expelling the Pakistan Army.

Meaning, Air Force is playing a big role at both places and there is talk about revenge at both places. The answer to betrayal is yes, but how many scenes of Wing Commander Avinandan will be shown in this, it is not known because in the trailer, there is talk of Pulwama attack about the Indian Air Force’s Air Force.

It is being seen about the trike and after that the infiltration of Pakistan’s F16, but beyond this, the war of Pulwama attack is settled peacefully, brother, when Wing Commander Abhinandan is sent back to Pakistan by India, meaning if Wing Commander If we show all the scenes of Abhinandan.

We will get to see the meeting of both the countries in the climax, but as we can see the dialogue in this trailer, we will have to show who is the father, brother, we do not think that its climax will be so peaceful, that is why we feel that if Pulwama If we show the entire story of the attack, some scenes of Wing Commander Abhinandan can be cut.

Whatever will happen next remains to be seen, but from all these things, now it is almost confirmed that in this we will get to see the inspection story from the same Pulwama attack. It means that there is no guarantee that the story will be exactly the same, this is cinema, so some things can be added or subtracted, but yes, in this we can definitely see the story of the true event of Pulwama attack.

That is why we were saying that If you are expecting mass masala from this movie then you will be disappointed brother, nothing like this is going to happen in this, the hero is not going to hold a hammer, he is not going to hold a sword, he is not going to roam around in the streets and give chase, whatever happens, the hero will hold his jet and his The answer is yes because it is an aerial action film.

But if it goes keeping in mind the story inspired by true events and the heroic story of sacrifice of our Indian Army, then the story may seem very interesting and everyone will like it. You may also like the movie, okay, so brother, we just wanted to tell what we are going to see in it and what expectations we have from it, have hope but not of mass masala, it is okay of patriotism because it has been made like this.

The trailer is very strong brother, we liked the trailer of Fighter but now tell us how did you like this trailer and what do you think about it. Whatever is your opinion about it, do tell us by commenting. Now we end this blog here. So brother, if you liked this blog then do share it in the comments.

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