Adah Sharma comes from the Palakkad Iyer family and has no family connection with the film industry.

Adah comes from a family where children take their father’s name as a surname. So, her surname is Sarma and not Sharma originally. 

Adah Sharma comes from a traditional Tamil family where the name ‘Adah’ is not common. But her parents still give her the name because they like it.

Adah Sharma father was Captain SL Sharma. He was the ex-captain of the Indian Merchant Navy.

Adah Sharma mother is Sheila Sharma. She is an Indian classical dancer and mallakhamba practitioner. 

Adah Sharma debut Bollywood film was “1920,” released in 2014. It belonged to the horror genre.

Adah Sharma was nominated for the Filmfare Best Debut Female Lead for 1920.