Emma Stone starred in Superbad 2007 when her journey in Hollywood really began

Emma Stone originally named Emily Jean Stone got noticed when she starred in Superbad 2007. That's when her journey in Hollywood really began.

Emma Stone can act in all sorts of movies. Whether it's funny stuff serious dramas or musicals Emma Stone great at them all. People all over the world love watching her perform.

Remember her role as Mia in La La Land 2016? That performance got Emma Stone a lot of praise from critics. It showed everyone just how talented she is as an actress.

Emma Stone didn't just get praise Emma Stone also won big awards like the Academy Award for Best Actress for her part in La La Land. That's a huge deal in the movie world

Emma Stone isn't just famous for acting. Emma Stone also seen as a role model by many because of her honesty cleverness and charm. People of all ages really look up to her.

Emma Stone isn't just about movies Emma Stone cares about making the world better. Emma Stone uses her fame to talk about things like making sure everyone is treated equally understanding mental health and taking care of the environment.

Everyone admires Emma Stone sense of fashion. Emma Stone always looks amazing at events and on magazine covers. Lots of people want to dress like her

The media focuses too much on Emma Stone personal life. They pay a lot of attention to who she's dating and what she's doing privately. It can be tough for her to keep some things private.

Emma Stone has changed a lot in her career. Emma Stone always trying new things and getting better at what she does. Emma Stone is not afraid to take on new challenges.

Emma Stone work in movies and her impact on pop culture will be remembered for a long time. Emma Stone is made a big mark on the entertainment world that will be talked about for generations.