Kriti Sanon the talented Bollywood actress has captured hearts with her stunning performances in various movies.

Known for her beauty and grace, **Kriti Sanon** shines on the silver screen with her charismatic presence.

Height of Kriti Sanon is 1.74 m. Kriti Sanon Age 33 years and Date of Bith is 27 July 1990 In New Delhi. Kriti Sanon Net Worth $20 Million Approx.

Kriti Sanon sets trends with her impeccable style both on and off-screen.

Kriti Sanon versatility as an actress shines through in every character she portrays, leaving a lasting impact on viewers.

Kriti Sanon dedication to her craft and passion for acting make Kriti Sanon a force to be reckoned with in Bollywood.

With a string of successful films to her name, Kriti Sanon has established herself as one of the most sought-after actresses in the industry.