Sofia Vergara reflects on her career trajectory acknowledging the limitations posed by her accent in securing diverse acting roles

She embraces the opportunity to portray Griselda Blanco in Netflix Griselda a departure from her comedic roles

Vergara admits to lacking formal acting training seeking guidance from renowned coach Nancy Banks to navigate the complexities of her character

Transitioning from comedy to drama demanded a shift in approach, prompting Vergara to delve into her character's motivations and aspirations

Vergara draws from personal experiences and insights into her character world to deliver a compelling performance

Her portrayal of Griselda Blanco resonates with authenticity fueled by emotions rooted in her upbringing and familial connections

Vergara immersion into the role underscores the complexity of human nature challenging perceptions of morality and justification

The release of Griselda on Netflix marks a milestone in Vergara career showcasing her versatility as an actress